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Alcaidesa Links Golf Resort
Quality and environmental policy

Under this policy, Alcaidesa Links Golf Resort undertakes to include environmental and quality management in the performance of its activities: management and maintenance of the golf course, sale of green fees, sale and hire of golf equipment, golf coaching, organising tournaments and catering services (coffee shop and restaurant); on the basis of the following key principles:

  • Designing, implementing, maintaining and improving an Integrated Quality and Environmental Management System, in accordance with the international ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 standards.
  • Preventing pollution, taking into account environmental aspects that could have adverse effects on the environment, such as the use of fertilizers and manures in gardening.
  • Reducing the use of products that could be harmful to the environment.
  • Adopting the measures necessary for guaranteeing compliance with the legal requisites applicable to all activities and services, and any other requisites to which the organisation may be subject.
  • Making rational use of natural resources, essentially the water used for watering the golf course, which comes from the treatment plant managed by Alcaidesa, as well as energy and raw materials used.
  • Defining and regularly reviewing the objectives and goals established in the implementation of this policy, within the process of continuous improvement of the system.
  • Attending speedily, efficiently and politely to all complaints and queries from our customers, making an analysis of this and any other information relative to customer satisfaction.
  • Adequately managing the waste products generated by the activities carried out, separating them “in situ” and having them removed by authorised firms in the case of hazardous waste.
  • Circulating and conveying this policy to the persons concerned, making employees aware of respect for the environment and compliance with the quality standards required, promoting their training and giving them greater responsibility and participation in these areas.
  • Making customers and users aware by conveying the value and need to protect the Environment.
  • Promoting a culture of respect for the environment within the organisation.
  • Encouraging suppliers and sub-contractors working for the organisation to become more involved, so that they too apply preventive measures regarding the environment and quality in their operations, equal to and/or compatible with those adopted by the organisation itself.

This policy is available to the public and is revised and updated for continuous adaptation to the norms.

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