Friday 8, October 2021

Guidelines for the safe practice of recreational golf (Covid-19)

Image: Guidelines for the safe practice of recreational golf (Covid-19) | Alcaidesa Links Golf Resort

The general recommendations of the Health Authorities are a priority.

The measures described here are the result of the contributions of the whole of Spanish golf: the Royal Spanish Golf Federation (RFEG) and the Autonomous Golf Federations, the Spanish Association of Golf Courses (AECG), the Spanish Association of Greenkeepers (AEdG ), the Spanish Association of Golf Managers (AEGG) and the Association of Golf Professionals (PGA). They also take into account the recommendations of international organizations in the world of golf.

These guidelines are intended to design the main applicable measures and recommendations for golf players and thus guarantee social distance and minimize the risks of contagion (Covid-19).

The sport of golf has specific peculiarities that make its practice accessible and safe after Covid-19. Among them are:

 ⦁ It is a sport that is practiced outdoors.

⦁ It is not a contact sport.

⦁ It is easy to maintain a long social distance of many meters.

⦁ You can reserve and pay online and you do not have to go through the Club or any other place.

The opening of golf courses in Spain has favored the Spain brand abroad and using the image of golf as a healthy, open-air sport and Covid-free has helped the early reactivation of tourism.

Make a good swing!

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